29 SEPTEMBER 1967, Page 31

Public ends and private means

Sir: Your correspondent, Alan Smith (22 Septem- ber) has certainly. hit the nail on the head in rais- ing the 'Condition of the People' issue. If we study the OLC election results, we find that the poorer the area financially, the greater the swing to the Tories. This was strikingly portrayed in the by-elec- tions at Cambridge and West Walthamstow, where the latter area showed more than twice the former's swing.

My own Conservative branch, at Hemel Hemp- stead, has during the summer months, in one poll- ing district, carried out an intensive canvas, which has resulted in seventy new members being re- cruited. The bulk of these live in pre-war council houses, in an area which at the 1964 general elec- tion was regarded as a Tory desert. Never be- fore have our canvassers received such a friendly welcome, never before have we known the tradi- tional Labour voter so bewildered and never before have we known the electorate so in need of a lead from the Tory party.

Alan H. Richardson Chairman, Apsley Conservative Association, 69 The Parade, High Street, Watford, Herts