29 SEPTEMBER 1967, Page 31

TV's dream paper

Sir: I wonder why Donald McLachlan (22 Sep- tember) clipped 700.000 copies off the Radio Times circulation figure. or was it a printers' error? For the record, Radio Times average weekly net sale, as certified by the Audit Bureau of Circulations, for January to June 1967 was 4,361,387 (not 3,600,000), a sale of 30,847 more a week than in January-June 1966 and 104,737 a week more than in July-December 1966.

I do not know what Mr McLachlan means by his statement that Radio Times 'has so little quality advertising.' But the many advertisements which appear in the new and colourful Radio Times of 28 September do not bear out his contention, whatever construction is put upon it, nor is it likely that so many household names among ad- vertisers in the mass media would place their advertisements in Radio Times if the context were of the kind he seems to suggest. Advertisers also know, although Mr McLachlan may not, that breadth of appeal, both of products advertised and the advertisements for them, is essential to the economic use of mass advertising media. R. C. Hall .General Manager Publications. BBC Publications, 35 Marylebone High Street, London WI