2 AUGUST 1935, Page 20

[To. the Editor of THE SPECTATOR.] SIR,—I cannot resist the

temptation to send.a line in apprecia- tion of Mr. Evelyn Waugh's brilliant and witty review of Mlle. Prat's flamboyant . effusions. •If more reviews like this were published, the production by " hitherto reputable ", publishers of such worthless trash- would quickly be dropped. But most of the Press is as irresponsible as publishing, and The Spectator stands almost alone. It is almost the only paper in which one can be certain of finding authoritative and honest reviewing : that is why I and ray friends read it.

—Yours, &C.'y M. H. ROBERTSON. S.W. 1.

[We• • have received several other communications to the same effect as Mr. Robertson's letter.—En. The Spectator.]