2 AUGUST 1935, Page 30


by F.'S. Boa's and Mary S. Serjeantson Much the most valuable part of the English Association's annual guide ..to critical writing about English literature and the English language (Oxford University 'Press, 10s. 6d.) is the Index, compiled by Miss Gwendolen Murphy, because here the student can see at a glance what has been added during the year (1933) on any particular subject. In the rest of the book the learning of the various contributors is shown to be impressive, but their brief notes on important and trivial volumes are really too cursory to be helpful and, for lack of space in which to elaborate, uncompromising verdicts come to seem merely dogmatic. Mr. B. Ifor Evans

Catalogues works of general Literary History and Criticism, Miss Serjeantson Philology, Mrs. Martin Clarke Old English, Miss Dorothy Everett Middle English, Dr. Boas Elizabethan Drama and the Renaissance, Professor Allardyce Nicoll Shakespeare, Mr. A. K. McIlwraith the later Tudor Period, Professor L. C. Martin the Earlier Stuart Period and the Commonwealth, Dr. F. E. Budd the Restoration, Professor Edith J. Morley the Eighteenth Century, and. Dr. H. V. Routh the Nineteenth Century and After. The volume, the fourteenth of the series, is a monument to learning and patient labour, but whether the labour on the larger view is of a profitable kind is a question open to debate.