2 AUGUST 1935, Page 36


In our Financial Supplement of July 19th, the Rt. Hon.

C. A. McCurdy contributed an interesting article on Insurance Shares as investments. During the past week the Trust of Insurance Shares, Limited, announced that a distribution per unit of 4.2196d., free of Income Tax, will be made on July 31st, 1035, in respect of the second half-yearly period ended on June 30t6 last. The distribution for the first half-year was 2.9146d. per unit. Details regarding the present distribution and a list of the Trust's holdings were posted to Unit Holders together with the Dividend Warrants on July 31st. The two half-yearly distributions together amount to 7.1342(1, per unit, equivalent' to a gross annual yield of £3 17s. 8d. per cent. on the original issue price of I9s. 9d. per unit, and ta 8s. 11d. per cent. on the current price of 22s. 3d. Thus the return for the first year sub- stantially exceeds the yield of approximately 31 per cent.

estimated at the formation of the Trust. A. W. K.