2 DECEMBER 1865, Page 1

The Fenian trials are going on, and terribly dreading they -

are, but the great Fenian has escaped. On Friday week Stephens, with the assistance, it is presumed, of a warder named Daniel Byrne, opened the doors of Richmond gaol, walked out, and in- stantly disappeared. The Castle offered a reward of 1,0001. for his capture, the ports were strictly guarded, and a man-of-war was ordered to follow one of the Inman steamers, but as yetr nothing 'has been heard of the fugitive. The most popular state- ment in Ireland is that some friends in Liverpool got him off in a swift-sailing lugger, and that he is on his way to New York ; but we would suggest Liverpool or the Isle of Man as a much more likely locale. Stephens would not quit Ireland if there remained the faintest chance of an outbreak, and those who think that possibility over are, we fear, a little premature.