2 DECEMBER 1865, Page 2

Another British ship has burnt another town, this time. we

are happy to say blamelessly. A person named Senave, leading a rebellion against President Geffrard, perhaps the ablest negro alive, has obtained possession of Cape Ilaytien, and kills opponents unscrupulously. The British Consul protected a few, Sal nave demanded them, the Consul refused them, and Salnave had them shot. The Consul complained to the captain. of H.M..'s gunboat Bulldog, who demanded satisfaction, and receivedfirst an insult, and secondly a shot from the fort. Of course he replied, destroyed the fort, sunk a steamer which also fired into him, and unfortunately lost his gunboat on a rock in the harbour. He and his men were, however, rescued by a Hayden steamer, and he has been conveyed to Port-au-Prince, to be congratulated for his courage—which, by the way, was really splendid—by the legal President of the Republic.