2 DECEMBER 1865, Page 2

Dr. Temple has addressed a letter to the Times, in

which he argues in favour of admitting students to Oxford without obliging them to reside in any college. They would then, like the students of Edinburgh, live where they pleased, and could, Dr. Temple thinks, obtain a university education for 50/. a year. The objec- tion to this scheme is, we think, that it would secure a little too much. Independence would in a few years become the fashion, and the colleges would be deserted. The way to prevent this is to grant the permission only when justified by poverty, but this, again, would tend to affix a stigma to non-residence which is in many ways injurious to the character. Would it not be possible to abolish in favour of such students all college fees whatsoever,

those for commons and rooms included, without drawing any visible distinction between classes ?