2 DECEMBER 1865, Page 2

One curious little bit of evidence bearing on Mr. Eyre's

feelings towards the late Mr. Gordon was brought out in an otherwise very unintelligible and confused letter from Mr. George Price, senior member of the Legislative Council of Jamaica, now residing at Southsea, in the Morning Post of this day week. The Baron Von Kettelhodt, Mr. Herschel, and Mr. Price (the coloured wan murdered at Morant Bay) had all belonged to the Governor's party in some colonial squabble about a tramway and other matters in which the coloured people took a keen interest, and for opposing him in which the Governor is said, by Mr. George Price, to have expelled a Mr. Espent,—a friend of Mr. Gordon's, to whom apparently he sends a kind message in his last letter to his wife,—from the Assembly. Mr. Gordon had headed a bitter oppo- sition to this party, and was therefore in some sense a personal foe of the Governor's, though we are far from asserting that political resentment consciously influenced Mr. Eyre to the grossly illegal act which led to Mr. Gordon's execution.