2 DECEMBER 1865, Page 2

The Jamaica Assembly was opened by Governor Eyre on the

7th ult., in a very excited address, in which he repeats his belief that there was a wide-spread conspiracy to murder every white and coloured person in the island—[of course including Mr. Gordon and his wife],--saya they are still on the crater of a volcano, asks the Legislature to abolish itself and strengthen the Government, and ends by laying a few measures before them,—a Bill to amend the constitution, which may be desirable, though not for Governor Eyre's reason,—a Bill ,of indemnity for himself and his subor- dinates—which must be disallowed here,—a Bill for confiscating the property of persons engaged in the rebellion,—a Bill to enable the Governor to declare martial law with the advice of his Privy Council, —a Bill to authorize the purchase of cutlasses (probably those used in cane-cutting) by the Government. Also friends of the Governor proposed Bills to regulate chapels, and embody the Maroons as permanent militia. One or two of these measures may be good, but they must be administered by another hand than that of Governor Eyre.