2 DECEMBER 1865, Page 2

The Manchester meeting on Jamaica was held before the last

news arrived. Mr. T. B. Potter, M.P. for Rochdale, made a very temperate speech, in which, however, he was not followed by Mr. Jacob Bright, and on the whole the meeting though large was not influential. A deputation from it had afterwards an in- terview with Lord Russell on Tuesday—still before the arrival of the last news—and was well received by him. Lord Russell ad- mitted that the proceedings in Jamaica had caused great anxiety to the Cabinet, but thought it only fair for public opinion to reserve judgment till it should receive the formal justification of the Governor, for which a peremptory demand had, as we gather, been _mut by Mr. Cardwell. We trust the later news would

change Lord Russell's suspense of judgment into action. Mr. Eyre should not remain a day longer than it needful in Jamaica ; what defence he has to offer may be made bare.