2 DECEMBER 1865, Page 2

There is one point in politics upon which we entirely

fail to comprehend the Daily News. That journal stood as firmly as our- selves throughout the war by the cause of American freedom, and yet it now upholds the policy of President Johnson, though it surrenders every question which had been decided by the war. The President has actually informed Mr. Perry, Governor of Smith Carolina, that the second clause in the constitutional amendment, giving Congress power to legislate against slavery, will restrict the power of that body to interfere in the States. In other words, provided no slave is sold, each State may pass what laws it likes for its black population, may in fact re-establish slavery. without the auction-block. The President in this speech has, as it seems to us, sold the black to the white, and rendered another war at no distant date almost inevitable. And yet the Daily News appears to support that policy.