2 DECEMBER 1865, Page 22

The Literature of the Sabbath Question. By Robert Cox, F.S.A.

(Scot.) 2 vols. (Maclachlan and Stewart, Edinburgh ; Simpkin and Marshall, London.)—Is the Sabbath question passing into the hands of the anti- quaries?' If so, we could welcome these two volumes, and might almost undertake to read them. The learned author has most industriously col- lected all that bears on the Sabbath question in Holy Scripture, and in a condensed shape all the views that have been put forward since the time of our Saviour. He gives the names of the writers and of their works in chronological order, through all the centuries from St. Clement of Rome in the flrEt to Dr. Hessey in the nineteenth, and in all import-ant cases a resume of the arguments. The work is admirably done, and deserves the best thanks of the combatants in this arena and the world at large. Here is an arsenal stored with weapons which will quite render it Wi- necessary to search elsewhere. We must do Mr. Cox the further justice to say that in making this collection he is not without hopes of putting an end to the fighting; he is clearly of opinion that the Sabbatarian, swords are leaden.