2 DECEMBER 1865, Page 22

Transatlantic Sketches, or Sixty Days in America. (Sampson Low.)— This

volume contains some very vigorous sketches of life in America during the past year. The draughtsman starts from Liverpool, and begins with a couple of common-place drawings that do not at all prepare us for the excellent work that is to follow, such as the "New York Billiard Room," " Darkies in Church," "Hair Fixing ;" and again, in a different style, "Powhattan on the James," "Fort Damnation," "The Pitkin Gallows,"" Washington," and "Richmond in Ruins." These subjects are all well rendered ; the artist seems to deal more easily with landscape than with figures, and certainly succeeds in conveying a clear idea of the scenes he depicts. We do not care much for the fancy sketches, as we suppose them to be, of Mr. Lincoln's assassination and the escape of the assassin, but the concluding picture of the New York street during the passage of the funeral procession is graphically presented. There is no doubt that these Transatlantic Sketches will be popular.