2 DECEMBER 1899, Page 14

The Haunts of Hen. By Robert D. Chambers. (James Bow-

den. 3s. 6d.)—The author of "Ashes of Empire" has proved himself one of the most forcible of the new school of sensation- alists, and it is quite unnecessary to say that he cannot conceal his faculty even in a volume of short stories like The Haunts of Hen. At the same time he does himself ampler justice, perhaps because he finds more elbow room, in a story of orthodox length. In these sketches he appears to show his faculty for doing more than passably well what other men have done supremely well. Thus, in some, such as "The God of Battles" and "Pickets," his style recalls that of Stephen Crane; in others, such as "Enter the Queen" and "Another Good Man," there are touches not unlike those of that graceful writer, Mr. Henry Harland. But here, at least, be is not so graphic as Mr. Crane, and his hand when drawing a Bohemian is, too, obviously much heavier than Mr. Harland's. And yet the book is very readable, and gives the idea everywhere of "strength," actual and potential. "Yo Espero," as a story of love and danger, will challenge comparison with anything by Mr. Bret liarte ; and "Collector of the Port" is a delightful combination of saturnine humour and tender affection.