2 DECEMBER 1899, Page 18

It is remarkable that this speech, every line of which

must have fallen like a whip-lash on some agitator, received the approval of a large majority of the Chamber. No division was taken on it, but no one ventured to reply ; and on the following Monday M. Delouse received the emphatic endorsement of the Deputies. To weaken the effect of his speech a furious attack was made on the allowance for the Embassy to the Vatican, an attack sure to be supported by all freethinkers, but after a speech from M. Delcastai showing the value of Catholic support to French policy abroad the credit was accepted, and then all the credits of the Foreign Office were passed by a majority of 147. The truth appears to be that the country districts are much less Jingoish than Paris, and that, as usual, the peasantry slightly dislike great colonial projects, which take away their children to unhealthy climates. The debate confirms the report that the African agents of the Republic have been peremptorily ordered to abstain from further extensions, and to concentrate their attention on making the existing colonies pay. At present they cost France some four millions a year.