2 DECEMBER 1899, Page 18

The better class of Frenchmen regard these excesses with loathing.

One Frenchman in London, evidently of position, warns his countrymen in the Figaro to leave the Queen alone, and another in the Times gives eloquent expression to his dis- gust. "I know these men well, and know what they are worth. They have, for the most part, never set their foot on English soil, they are ignorant of English life, manners, language, literature, and traditions, and their constant complaint of abuse from the English Press can hardly be justified by their incapability of reading an English

newspaper They live on blackmail, most of them, they hate facts, worship unfounded rumours, lie openly, swear they speak the truth, bark and talk, but never act for the public good. These are the men who are now reviling the Queen." It is all true and all needless. Europe has reckoned up the gutter Press of Paris, and knows that it is not even honest.