2 DECEMBER 1899, Page 31



MEN who die for England Never die in vain.

Dying conquerors,dying masters, Dying firm mid fierce disasters, England's every son Dying duty done, Gives the life she lent him back again.

Men who die for England Never die in vain.

Rushing seas they rode vic- torious, Conquering seas have made them glorious, Where in marshalled rank Down to death they sank, Met in order stern the roaring main,

Proud for pride of England Died and not in vain.

Fell our noblest once forsaken— Ay, betrayed—the soul Un- shaken!

Dead he spoke a word Sleeping, waking heard, Till we reared an Empire for his fane.

Peace to Gordon ! England Mourned him not in vain.

Jungle, desert, heights, and valleys, Know the dwindling square that ralliPs Steady back to back, Fronts the yelling pack ; Wild Sbangani knows the grim refrain Sung ere men of England Fell above their slain.

Sons of Vikings ! old the story, Desperate odds and death-fight gory.

Over all your graves Late or soon there waves Proud the flag ye held us high from stain, Floats the flag of England, Fought for not in vain.

Beacon fires are ye whose ashes Fade, yet forth their splendour flashes.

Answers height on height, Bright and yet more bright, Answers all your England, hill and plain.

Men who die for England Do not die in vain.

Prince and labourer, clerk and yeoman, One we rise to front the foeman. Who can dare forget Now to pay his debt, Give what England gave to her again ?

Men who died for England Have not died in vain.