2 DECEMBER 1899, Page 39

DIARIES AND ALMANACS.—Messrs. De La Rue send us as usual

at this time of year a charming selection of diat ies and almanacs of all sorts and sizes. All are excellently printed, and some are in fact little encyclopedias. We are sorry, however, to miss the Season Ticket Holder's Pocket-book, with a talc window on one side allowing the "date of season" to be made visible to the guard by the simple act of pulling one's pocket-book out of one's pocket. We trust this excellent device is not really abandoned.— We have also received a consignment of Messrs. Hudson and Kearns's excellent blotting-pad diaries, varying in price from the "Bankers' Edition," at 8s., size 27 in. by lain., to that at 2s. A special word is due to the diary marked No. 8e, at Ts. This contains, besides she diary with index, calendar, and date. indicator, a further space for memoranda of appointments.