2 DECEMBER 1911, Page 10

Elizabethan Adventurers upon the Spanish Main. (Adapted from the "

Voyages " of Richard Hakluyt.) By Albert M. Hyamson, F.R.Hist.S. (G. Routledge and Sons. 3s. 6d.)—Mr. Hyamson has chosen his title wisely : the Spanish Main is still a name to conjure with, as it was in the days of Hawkins and Drake. And these unvarnished narratives, many of them told by the " Adven- turers " themselves, snake us realize what the men bad to face who founded our command of the seas. In one of them, "John Hawkins' Last Voyage," the great captain gives an account of one of those deeds of treachery that made the Spaniards such bitterly hated foes. We could wish that Mr. Hyamson had appended a note to say that the captain of the " Judith," which with the " Minion" alone survived of that unlucky venture, was young Francis Drake. His revenge for San Juan de Ulloa was far-reaching in its effect on both countries. Mr. Hyamson has had no easy task in curtailing and elucidating the text, and, on the whole, he has managed successfully, departing as little as need be from the original.