2 DECEMBER 1911, Page 12

The Book of Baby Beasts. By E. S. Detmold. Descriptions

by Florence E. Dugdale. (H. Frowde ; Hodder and Stoughton. 6s. net.)—Mr. Detmold has given us here some very pretty pictures, twenty in all, including the "Rabbit on the Cover. We are not, indeed, equally charmed by all. "The Kitten" does not do justice, we think, to his race. On the other hand "The Colt" is quite perfect. His somewhat clumsy look is admirably ren- dered. "The Dog," too, is as good as it can be. "The Lamb" has a look of being too old. It might have been better to picture him at an earlier stage of existence when he seems all legs. Does a baby chimpanzee really look as he is pictured here ? He looks as if he might be fifty years old. The most omniscient of critics cannot be expected to be familiar with the appearance of baby chimpanzees. A singularly attractive volume this.—Cecil Aldin's Happy Family (same publishers ; 7s. 6d. net) gives us various animals—a pig, a cat, a dog, and others—comically rendered by pen and pencil, and very well, too.