2 DECEMBER 1911, Page 12

The Boys' Guide. By Archibald Williams, B.A. (T. Nelson and

Sons. 5s. net.)—This is a complete guide to all kinds of sports and amusements. (Chess is described, but other games of the kind, as draughts and backgammon, are not dealt with.) Infor- mation, too, is given about many other things. "Books to read" is one of the items in the index. The boy scout will find instruc- tion, and will also learn how in due time he may become a " Territorial." Birds'-nesting, pets, photography, postage-stamp collecting, poultry keeping, shorthand, are a few of the other topics treated of. Finally, if in any of the pursuits here de- scribed some mischance should occur, here may be found some valuable hints as to "first aid." A most useful book this, and one which should make a most acceptable present.