2 DECEMBER 1911, Page 18

It is clear from this that the Russian and British

Govern- ments are in accord, and that we could not support Mr, Shuster in his erratic and ill-considered action without a breach of faith with Russia. Taking the question as a whole, we have no hesitation in supporting Sir Edward Grey's action to the full, and we believe that this course is one which wise men, irrespective of party, should take in the matter. The notion that the American Government will intervene in support of Mr. Shuster is absurd. Mr. Shuster is not the servant of the American Government but a private individual in the employ- ment of Persia. The Washington State Department was in no sense a party to his appointment. The fact that a meeting of members of the House of Commons should have actually sent a telegram to President Taft expressing their hearty apprecia- tion of the work done by Mr. Shuster and their earnest hope that his services may still be retained can only be described as outrageous. It is a futile attempt to interfere with the policy adopted by the British Government in regard to Persia. Action of such a kind is either a pompous farce or else is wholly mischievous.