2 DECEMBER 1911, Page 34


[To THE EDITOR. OF THE •‘ SPECTATOR."] SIE,—In reference to the interesting letter and earnest appeal from Sir Robert Hunter may I be permitted to call your readers' attention again to this most important scheme ? In order that they may assist and supplement the more important donations received by the National Trust, and also give an opportunity to those who, however willing, are unable to subscribe larger amounts, the local committee recently instituted a Shilling Fund, to which I have the honour of acting as hon. treasurer. I am. ambitions enough to hope the Shilling Fund will produce 50,000 shillings, or £2,500, and if so, this amount added to the larger donations will prac- tically secure this beautiful open space for the free use and enjoyment of future generations. There are many ways by which your readers can render valuable aid; thus I have recently received a useful cheque from the South London Entomological and Natural History Society the proceeds of a collection kindly made among its members at a recent meeting, and already we have received some sixty applications for collecting books from sympathizers in various parts of the Home Counties. For us to allow our beautiful Colley Hill to fall into the hands of jobbing builders would not only be a disaster to Surrey, but a national crime; and I do now most earnestly entreat all readers of your most influential journal to come forward without delay with their kind assistance and support before it is too late. The historic Pilgrims' Way, which runs along the whole length of Colley Hill, will be inclosed for ever between two high fences, and the lovely views

obtainable for this world-famed path will be no longer visible. The danger threatening Colley Hill is not a mere dream ; it is, unfortunately, a painful reality, for-I am given to understand that plans have already been prepared and building operations will immediately commence in case we fail toraise the requisite amount by the date of the termination of the option, viz., Feb- ruary 12th, 1912. Again-I do most earnestly beseech- all lovers of our beautiful Surrey hills to come forward and help us to secure this portion of our lovely- chalk downs.—I am, Sir, &c., ARTHUR TROWER. Redhill, Surrey.