2 DECEMBER 1911, Page 41

Messrs. Hill and Co. send us a large variety of

Christmas Cards under the general titles "For the Empire Series" and the " Rubric Series " of motto cards. There is much good and tasteful work in them, with here and there a failure—the Airedale. terrier is something of a libel. A specially interesting variety is tc be found in the "Egyptian Greeting Cards." It was an Egyptian custom to interchange New Year and other greetings by sending scarabs inscribed with good wishes. It was a very happy idea of Messrs. Hills to bring this remote antiquity into connexion with present-day thought. Thus, we may have such wishes as "Long Life and Good Luck" and " All Good Things" in the same like- ness as some Egyptian gave or received them in 2000 B.C. The prices are 4d. (for two cards) and 6d. (for the other sixteen).