2 DECEMBER 1911, Page 41


[ruder this heading we yolks such Ras of the week as hare not been 4-coerced for review in other forms.] Fads and Figures of Church Finance : Supplementary Volume. (Longmans and Co. 3s. 6d. net.)—This volume furnishes a great mass of information, not limited to finance, which we would gladly notice at some length were space available. Some in- teresting facts may be given. The proportion of communicants to population throughout England and Wales is 6.6 ; in the Welsh dioceses of Bangor, Llandaff, St. Asaph, and St. David it is 6-8, 5.1, 9.3, 8'9, giving an average of 7.5, noticeably above that for the whole country. Durham is the lowest of all with 3-8, and Hereford the highest with 13.1. Chichester shows the greatest contribution per head of the population, 6s. 6d., and Durham, again, the lowest, 2s.