2 DECEMBER 1911, Page 41

The Christian Remembrancer (S.P.C.K.) is a very convenient combination of

diary and calendar, intended for the writing table, as we have proved by personal experience for some years past ; a very serviceable arrangement of blotting-paper which does not increase the bulk of the book is to be noted. For the pocket we have The Churchman's Pocket Book, bound in leather, ls. 6d., and, in a variety of forms, The Churchman's Almanac. First may be mentioned one bound in strong calf, 2s. ; there are many things, we have found, "like leather," which are not leather, in spite of the old saying ; another, described as " 32mo Basil," in a stiff binding, 6d. ; an octavo size in cloth is priced at 10d., and one in paper cover at 2d., with a 32mo in paper at id. Another shape is intended for use in the Prayer-desk ; yet another is a sheet measuring about 2)ft. by lift. In the same shape but rather larger is The Parishioner's Almanac, a particularly good bargain for ld. with its eight excellent pictures.