2 JANUARY 1841, Page 11

According to a letter from Malta, dated December 17th, the

accounts from Egypt represent the Pasha to be adapting himself to the change in his affairs, and directing his attention to the arts of peace. "He has issued contracts for coals for his steamers, furnaces, and factories. His ‘carriage occupies his thoughts, as indeed it has always done for years past. He is anxious to keep the currency up to the standard formerly established, namely, a silver ■dollar of the full intrinsic value of the Austrian dollar, and the piastre to be the twentieth part of this dollar. Measures for opening the trade are under discussion. The Pasha, no doubt, intends to open the trade; but his Minister will take care that his Highness's interests are well protected in the sale of the produce of his Highness's own estates. A Committee is said to be formed of mer- chants to advise on the steps to be taken. Of course they are Boghos's creatures, and not likely to suggest any thing broad and liberal. There are still supplies of ammunition and warlike stores sent to the east- ward. The Britannia and Howe arrived yesterday."