2 JANUARY 1841, Page 11

In a SUPPLEMENT to the present Number of the SPECTATOR,

the realer will receive the Report, with an abridgment of the Evidence, by the Select Committee of last ses- siou on IMPORT-DUTIES. Had the project originated with ourselves, a different mode of compressing the evidence within the requisite compass might have been followed; but the gentlemen at whose request our journal has been made available for the promulgation of important truths, preferred the present plan, of giving a consecutive series of extracts; preserving as much continuity of subject as such a mode of treatment allowed, and retaining all the material facts and illustrative

• comments put forth by the witnesses. Although a systematic digest might have given a completer view of the scope and bearing of the entire evidence, the plan chosen has this advantage, that it gives the very remarkable testimony of the offi- tidal witnesses in their own words.

It was found impossible. without omissions which would have seriously impaired the effect of the evidence, to confine it to the intended limits of one sheet. The Sup- plement, therefore, consists of two stamped sheets, a larger and a smaller ; and, in order to avoid the inconvenience of hosing two separate additional sheets, one, the smaller, has been printed to go inside the other : it contains pages 13, 14, 15, 16. 17, 18, 19, 20, of the Supplement, and its place is the centre. Ills hoped that this minute explanation will remove all risk of mistake.

No room for Letters in the present Number. This must be our brief answer to A. B.. and an apology to Rumens. Mr. SAMPSON, and others.

in the department of Fine Arts, we have been obliged to postpone "A Lesson in Draw- ing," conveyed by way of dialogue.