2 JANUARY 1841, Page 23


Tuesday, Dec. 29.


I Hilton and Woolstenhulme. Oldham, machitse-makers-G. and T. Rudd, Borough- bridge, machine-makers-Runeiman and Roberts, Stone, Sussex. schotilmistresses - Barlow and Co. Maidstone, wharfingers-Rylands and Cu. Manchester. cotton-spiuners -Crux and Downing. Cheltenham. mercers-Parton and Co. Burslem, colour-makers - J. C. aud R. Boding. Salvador House-Crocker and Campion. Totnes, coach- builders-Dobbing and Co. Bishop Weatmouth. canvas-manufacturers -Simpion and 1,1ttudy, Winchester. shoemakers- Mitchell and Field. Kingston-upon-Hull. merchants - Coles and Barrett, Wells, Somersetshire, paper manufacturers-Rubinson and Co. London ; as far as regards Garland-Messrs. Thompson, Liverpool, tallow•chandlers ; as far as regards E. and T. Th .mpson-Chaproan and Kadwell. Nelson Place, Old Kent Road, linensirepers -Tiudall and Vickerman, Lime Street, ship-insurance-brokers.


Lien°, Ettes,Kingsland. coal-merchant, Dec. 29.

KNIOHT, CHARLES and PETER, ley Lane. salesmen. Dec. 29.


NICKLIN, JOHN BANKS, Wolverhampton. ironmonger.

ASHTON, THOMAS Jona, Pall Mall. tailor, to surrender Jan. 8, Feb. 9: solicitors, Mr. Edwards, Bedford Row; and Mr. M'Gregor, Temple ; official assignee. Mr. Groom, Abchurch Lane.

COLE, JOHN, 01,1 Byland, Yorkshire, cattle dealer, Jan. 2, Feb. 9: solicitors, Messrs. Jacques and Co. Ely Place ; Richardson; and Gold, York ; and Mr. Wood, York.

DREWRY, REBECCA, Penrith, banker. Jail. 11, Feb. 9: solicitors, Mr. Chester, Staple Inn; and Mr. Maychell, Penrith.

Fostse. ROBERT JAMES, Gloucester, painter, Jan. 11, Feb. 9: solicitors, Mr. Bull, Ely Place; stud Mr. Lovegrove, Gloucester. homes:, HENRY, Leeds, attorney, Jan. 12. Feb. 19: solicitor, Mr. Heald, Leeds; and Messrs. Bell and Co. Bow Churchyard.

JORDAN, James, Leeds. cabinet-maker. Jan. 12, Feb. 9: solicitors, Mr. Michael, Red Lion Square ; Bird and Saunders. Kidderminster; and Atkinson and Co. Leeds's.

JACKSON, JAMES, HODIMCIIMith, grocer, Jan. 12, Feb. 9: solicitor, Mr. Lawson, Barge Yard, Bucklersbury; official assignee. Mr. Clark, Broad Street Court, LLOYD, JOHN, Beaulieu-1s. Anglesey, tanner, Jan. 13, Feb. 9: solicitors, Messrs. Lowe and Co. Southampton Buildings; and Mr. Roberts, Carnarvon.

Mono.sw, Wituaa, Pill, Somersetshire, shipbuilder, Jan. 5, Feb. 9: solicitors, Messrs. White and Whitmore, Bedford Row ; mid Messrs. Williams and Barker, and Messrs. Bevan. Bristol.

Picmtitn,THOMAS.Leer16, cabinet maker. Jan.12, Feb.9 : solicitors, Messrs. Hawking and Co. New Boswell Court; and Messrs. Atkins aud Co. Leeds.

RICHARDS, WILLIAM, Northampton, pawnbroker, Jan. 4, Feb. 9: solicitors, Messrs. Blower and Vizard, Lincoln's Ian Fields; and Mr. Britten. Northampton. SHUFFLEBOTHAM, JOHN, Nessc.astle-under Lyme, hat-manufacturer. Jan. 12, Feb. 9: solicitors, Mr. Wilson, Symond's Inn ; and Mr. Harding, Newcastle-under-Lyme.


Jan. 23, Wheeler, Threadneedle Street, stuck broker-Jan. 23, Parker, Tooley Street, victualler-Jan. 20, Keymer, Colchester, innkeeper-Jan. 20, Marsh, Beruers Street, banker-Jan. 20, Passe and Gower, Regent Street. printers-Jan. 21. Heaword and Beesley, Manchester, cotton-spinners-Jan. 20, Wilson and Knight. Radford, builders -Jan. 22, Crossley. Leeds. cloth. merchant-Jan. 22, Rusher. Leeds, comm ision-agent- J an. fV, Clough, Leeds, timber-merchant-Jan. 22, Taylor, Gumersal, Yorkshire, mer- chant-Jan. 22, Dillon, Heretied, brazier-Jan. 16, Biggs, Birmingham, mercer- Jau. 21, W. and J. Taylor, Macclesfield, silk-manufacturers-Jan. 26, Marlton. Great Grimsby, corn-merchant-Jan. 28. Symes and Blanchard, Keintun Mandefield, Sumer- setshire, tailors-Feb. 17, Popham, Exeter. baker-Jan. 19, Warrilow, Birmingham,

' Mesmer. CERTIFICATES To he granted. unless cause be shown to the contrary, on or before Jan. 19. Wright, Birmingham, coach-maker-Reesby, Stamford, maltster- Meatyard, Bristol. ironmonger-Smith, Upton St. Leonard's. Gloucestershire, miller- Beaumout, Pudsey, Yorkshire, clothier -Redpath, Lime Street, ship-broker-Reid, Liverpool, commis- sion-agent. SCOTCH SEQUESTRATIONS.

HENDERSON, WILLIAM, and Sox, Hamilton, railway-contractors, Jan. 5.25. 91' NAUGHT, WILLIAM, and Co. Edinburgh, silk-mercers, Jan. 5.28. PARK. THOMAS, Glasgow, wine-merchant. Jan. 5, 22.

Friday, Jan. 1.


R. and W. Harrison Austinfriare-Harrison and Co. Austinfriars-Gooldeu and Wil- Hams. Maideuhead, surgeons-Wills and Allen, Totnes. surgeons-Campbell and Tay- lor. Ipswich, woolleudrapers-Hill and Gisborne. Derby. surgeons-Scott and Bailey. Preston, corn-dealers-Roxburgh and Burt. Bolton-le-Moors, calico-printers- Lindo and De Castro. Futichurch Street, indigo-brokers-Cheshire and Co. Aspen, Wigan, lamp-black manufacturers; as tar as regards Cheshire-Latham and Co, Pernambuco, merchants ; as far as regards R. and W. Harrison-Weller and Wilton. Limehouse, sail-makers-G. and E. Thonseyeroft, Bradley iron works. Staffordshire-J. and W. Bill, Southampton, surveyors - Watkins stud Askham. Regent Street. tailors -Robinson and Co. Milk Street, silk-manufacturers - Warlters and Co. Far- xingdon Street, auctioneers; as far as regards W. Warlters -Theobalds aud Atkin- son, Salisbury Court, silversmiths-J. and J. Kyan, Southampton Row. Bloomsbury- D. P. and R. Hughes, Old Kent Road, chemists-A. and S. Id:tem:eh, Brighton, linendrapers-Brown and Taylor. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, timber-merchants-Shaw and Yale Longtou, Stoke.upon-Trent. earthenware-manufacturers-Desgrand and Co. Size Laue, merchants-Aster and Co. Barnstaple, merchants ; as far as regards W. After senior-Cunningham and Holme. Liverpool. architects-Smith and Buckle, Rugeley. Staffbrdshire, enemies-Beckham and Puest. Gower s Walk. Whitechapel, sugar-renuers-Pedler and Squire, Fleet Street, chemists-Felgate and Stockley. Efrain Lane, ship insurance-brokers--Moody and I,ewis, Brabant Court, Philpot Lane. wholesale tea-dealers-Burgett and Iselin, Mini-lag Lane, merchants-Thornley and Ratcliff, Liverpool, milliners -Lang and Co. Liverpool, merchants: as far as re- gards Pearce- Gibsone and Co. Liverpool. merchants: as far as regards Gibsone-Phil- potts and Co, Gloucester, merchants-J. and T. IV, Meeson, Grays. Essex, lime. burners-Brown and BP Donnell, Graigue, Queen's County. Ireland, distillers -Tomp- son and Co. Exeter, apothecaries-Macleod tied Houston. Liverpool. merchants- Phillips and Co. Shaugh, Devonshire, china clay-merchauts ; as far as regards Fea- therStoillialigh. BANKRUPTS. AUSTIN, Ionic. Manchester, coach-proprietor, to surrender Jau . 21, Feb. 12: soli- citors, Messrs. Milue and Co. Temple; and Messrs. Oswald and Co. Manchester.

BENNETT, EDWARD, and Joint -FREDERICK, CallterbUry, Wine merchants. Jan. 9, Feb. 12: solicitors, Mr. Smith, Chancery Lane; and Mr. Walker, Canterbury.

DOBSON, JOSEPH, Liverpool, drysalter, Jan. 14, Feb. 12: solicitors, Mr. Bridger, Finsbury Circus; and Messrs Francis and Dodge, Liverpool. HEDGES. NOAH, Dowuend. Gloucestershire. tailor, Jan. 8. Feb. 12: solicitors, Messrs. Poole and Gamlen. Gray's Inn Square. and Messrs. Williams and Barker. Bristol. LEICESTER, JOSIAH, Manchester, printer, Jan. 21, Feb. 12: solicitors, Messrs. Bower and Back. Chancery Lane; and Mr. Bunting, Manchester.

Miocene, Jacob, Ramsgate. liuendraper, Jau. 8, Feb. 12: solicitors, Messrs. H. W. and W. C. Sole, Aldermaubury.

HIRST and Co. Batley Carr, Yorkshire, scribbling-millers, Jan. 12. Feb. 42: solidi- fors, Mr. Hall, Aldermanbury; and Mr. Seholes, Dewsbury.

Moo. JOHN, Bishop Wearmouth, grocer, Jan. 15, Feb. 19: solicitors, Mr. Love- land, Symond's Inn; and Mr. Cooper, Sunderland.

PHILLIPS, Roemer, Canterbury, machine-maker, Jan. 9, Feb. 12: solicitors, Mr. Smith, Chancery Lane ; and Mr. Walker. Carnet bury. STRICKLAND. Jona. and Co. Nesvgate Market, cheesemongers, Jan. 16, Feb. 12: solicitors, Messrs. Van Sandau and Howell, King Street, Chearside; official assignee, Mr. Edwards. Frederick's Place. Old Jewry. SUMMERS, WILLIAM HENRI, Sackville Street, bill-broker. Jan. 12. Feb. 12: solici- tor, Mr. Catlin, Ely Place; official assignee, Mr. Groom, Abehurch Lane. TANDY, THOMAS, Redditch. Worcestershire, needle mauutactmer, Jan. 14, Feb. 12 : solicitors, Mr. Nelson, Tensple; and Mr. Browning. Redditeh. TREANOR, THOMAS, Bilmiugham, hardwareman, Jan. 13, Feb. 12: solicit vs. Mr. Phillips. Stze Lane; and Messrs. Partridge and Taylor, Birmingham. Woo. JOHN and THOMAS. Leeds. cloth matmlacturers. Jan. 15, Feb. 12: solicitors, Messrs. Robinson aad Barlow, Essex Street. Strand; and Ward and Sou, Leeds.


Jan. 22, Dalton, Aldgate, straw-bonnet maker-Jan. 22. Lenny and Alderson. liorsleyd.own. ale-merchants -Jan. 14, Walter, Coventry, ribbon-manufacturer and warebouseman-Jau. 22. Wyer, Newington Causeway. tailor-Jan. 22, Cada, Wis- beach. Cambridgeshire, draper-Jau. 26, Tesler. Pall Mall. dealer in pictutes-Jan. 11. Sharp, Cheapside, paserycook-Jau. 25, Pottell, Cow Lane, carpeoter -Jan. 'ZL, Scholefield, Walling Street, warehouseman-Jau. 22, Smith, Heaton, builder-Jan.

25, meson. Batley. Yorkshire. cloth-manufacturer-Ian. 26, Davies. King's Mills, Denbighshire, miller-Feb. 2, Owen, Wall Uchaf. Carnarvonahire, maltster -Jan. 30, Jardine, Haverfordwest. timber- merchent -Jan . 27. Stetter. Witney, itinholder -Jan. 25. Martin. Woodehester. Gloucestershire. clothier-Jan. 25, Gray. Tunstall. Stafford- shire, grocer-Jan. 23. Rhodes. Shaw, Lancashire. iron-fetinder-Jan. 26. Gill and Wheelwright. Leeds, dyers -Jan. 25. Daniell, Michael.church-court, Hereibrushire, copper-smelter -Jau. 26, Roberts, Exeter, broker- Feb. 5, Clarke. Cambridge. gnu- maker-Jau. 30, Hicken, Kidderruiuster, Wotcestershire, coach-maker.


To be granted, unless cause be shown to the contrary, on or before Jas. 22.

Browne, Liverpool. horse-dealer-Kerr. Woolwich, tailor-Reiueeker, Great Tower Street, wine-merenant -Nicholson. Canterbury. coal- merchant-Hidson. Moseley Wake Green, Worcestershire. commission-agent-Reynolds, Aldersgate Street. bookseller- Cooke, Greenwich. stoue-masou.


MACLELLAN, JOHN, and JOHN. Greenock, merchants. Jan. 5.26. SCEALES, JOHN, Leith Walk. Edinburgh, grain-dealer. Jan. 7,25. WiLsost, JOHN, Kirktieldbank. Lanarkshire, baker, Jan. 7,28. YOUNG, JOHN stud WILLIAM, Paisley, dyers, Jan. 6, 28.