2 JANUARY 1841, Page 5

The Paris journals are now indulging a notion that Russia

may be induced to enter into a separate alliance with France against England, and the other two Powers, parties to the Quadruple Treaty of July 1840. For what purpose, beyond the now favourite French object of humbling England, is neither stated nor imagina- ble. The only apparent ground for supposing that Russia enter- tains such a project, is a deduction from the fact that some diplomatic notes, in a friendly tone, have passed between the Russian Ambassador and M. GIIIZOT. Similar notes, however, have been exchanged with the other Powers ; and they probably, one and all, mean nothing more than the usual professions of a disposition in the French Government to cultivate the relations of peace.

M. THIEltS seems to have regainee 4ome of his lost influence in the Chamber of Deputies. Rumours of changes in the Ministry continue. Many apprehend that M. GUIZOT will be obliged to succumb under the assaults of the War party.