2 JANUARY 1841, Page 6

The threatenings of hostilities between the two Peninsular states are

not yet ended. Portugal, indeed, is arming as actively as if war were already declared. Even the students in the military schools have been called out to assist in defending the country from inva- sion by the Spaniards. The Portuguese Government ask for mare time ; and, as their request is backed by the support of England, it will probably be granted. The mediation of England will, it is supposed, be scarcely requisite if the Regents allow the Cortes time to deliberate. The Portuguese Ministers are understood to have pledged themselves to the ratification by the Cortes of the convention for the free navigation of the Douro, or to resign. In Spain, the Regents are proceeding to fulfil the stipulations of their opening manifesto, by giving instructions for the assembling of the Cortes early in the spring : the election of Deputies to com- mence on the 1st of next month.