2 JANUARY 1932, Page 18

Country Life


The more one looks into this question of milk as the foundation of national health, the more one is struck by the coincidence of advantages that accompany its use. By a mere, but happy accident, sonic of the leading authorities in our Medical Research Council are old athletes ; and it was this council who first set on foot those experiments in the nutrition of youth that established the supremacy of milk for children —for the development of their body, brains, and above all, their teeth. The 1931 report on the influence of diet in children's teeth is as important as any medical document of our time. It might be suggested to the Council that it should collect facts about the training of Finnish athletes, whose supremacy at long distances and conquest over fatigue (a state of body due to self poisoning, not to direct exhaustion) has been attributed to the prevalence of milk in their diet. Incidentally, was ever any worse system of training evolved than the beef and tannin, once popular with University rowing men ? Their concentration on food other than milk was as foolish as the farmer's emphasis on wheat. His salvation, too, lies in milk.