2 JANUARY 1932, Page 18

It is a curious coincidence that at the time when

we are organizing a wholesale destruction of the grey squirrel, the people of Boston are trying to save it. The squirrels on Boston Common are in hundreds ; and many were found (like the pigeons of St. Paul's) to be suffering from a contagious disease likely to exterminate them. It was decided that the only method of cure was to catch them up or destroy the sufferers. This has now been done by aid of a trap especially designed for the purpose. It is a collapsible wire trap produced (I think at the instance of an Animal League in Boston) by the Folding Trap Company, Tomahawk, Wisconsin. The success is said to have been great. Doubtless as good a trap can be found in England. Indeed, I believe that one has been made for the Country Gentlemen's Association (Letchworth, Herts.). I am indebted for some details of the Boston experi- ments to the secretary of a Women's Institute in Cambridgeshire.