2 JANUARY 1932, Page 6

Japan at Chinchow Japan continues her mechanically methodical advance in

Manchuria and has secured the evacuation by Chang Hsueh-liang of Chinchow, the last remaining Chinese foothold in the province. That having been duly effected according to plan (still on the ground that a drive against bandits is imperative), the Japanese in a Note to the League of Nations express the fervent hope that their patience and their desire to observe strictly their inter- national obligations will be recognized by the world. It was once observed of the pre-War Austria that if it did not exist it would be necessary to invent it. A good deal more than that might be said of the bandit-menace in Manchuria. A policy that by breaking up Chinese forces creates bandits and then makes military occupation as a protection against bandits essential has great and obvious advantages. Meanwhile, unfortunate difficulties about the personnel of the League's Commission of Enquiry make it improbable that the Commission will reach Manchuria till late in February.

* * * *