2 JANUARY 1932, Page 6

The B.B.C.'s Governors -The B.B.C. controversy has been touched on

in a special aspect by "..A.uspex " on a later page of this issue. Meanwhile the retiring directors have been re-appointed with the exception of Sir Gordon Nairne, replaced by Mr. Harold Brown, described in the official announee-: meat of his appointment as a director of various City companies who has sat on several departmental com- mittees. The Governors of the B.B.C. have great responsibilities on their shoulders (such as finance and building construction) quite apart from having the last word on progranuues, which is what concerns the public most, and that has to be borne in mind in the selection of the board. But the infusion of a little more new blood than is involved in the advent of Mr. Harold Brown is desirable, and it is to be hoped that the re- appointment of three of the Governors for one year only indicates that we shall not have to wait too long for it. The general constitution of the B.B.C., as an autonomous corporation under ultimate public control, is proved increasingly to meet the needs of the case better than any alternative yet suggested.

* * *