2 JULY 1831, Page 11


JUNE 10.—On the 29th IL N. Budding-, B A. of Exeter College, R. E. Cc•plestatt, of Exeter College, and G. F. Fowle, B.A. of Balliol, were elected Fellows of Exeter Coleee; and 0. H. Spragge and 11. S. Templar were elected Scholars ; and H. lituney, Symes's F.thibitioner of the same College. On the same day, It. W.'. Wrier. Scholar of St. John's College, was elected and admitted an Actual Fellow on. the Law Line of that Society. Oil Thursday last, 'I'. Vores, M.A. and J. Griffiths, of Wadharn College, were admitted Actual Fellows; H. Johnson, 13.A., and D. Cockey, B.A. were elected Probationary Fellows; and J. Walker and J. arnouid were elected Se!dilars of Wadham.

On the same day, the following degrees were conferred. Masters ur Arts—A. G. Lethbridge, Fellow of All Souls ; Rev. J. Charnock„ Lincoln ; '1'. M. Gosling, Brasennose 5 Rev. C. B. Bowles. Exeter ; and Rev. F. B. Leonard, Wadliam.— Bache/or of Arts—J. Metcalfe, Magdalen Hall. In a Convocation holden at the same i•ite, the Rev. E. Hawkins, 11I.A. of Bailie! College, was admitted to the office of Sub. Librarian of the Bodleian, vacant by the resignation of the Rev. J. Begley, M.A.; and the Rev. J. J. Smyth, of Trinity Cot- lege, Dublin, was admitted ad tandem. On Monday last W. %Vellwood Stoddart and E. Alston were admitted Actual Fellows ; and R. W. Higgs, W. Hunter. and T. Penny, elected from Merchant Taylor's School, and F. Barges, elected (rout Bristol School, were admitted Scho- lars, of Saint Johh's College.


Rive 2.—The Vice-Chancellor api,•.• 'II: this y for "IV. H. Thompson, or T:re7ty

College, and H. Alford, of Trinity Cel: .,••,1•• ;:rize exercises; atid

day, the 4th, for D. Spedding of Trio :ly ]••• •• • • • . i•rize exercise.

The Vice-Chancellor also appoint. 1,, • 1., ;.• • •i: • • .7 y , (or G. S. Vcr.ai•'•;, of Jesus College, to recite his English Poenh for i.e I c.ue1oi Mcdal ; for J. 1.111d- yard, of Christ's College, to recite his Greek Ode, Latin Ode, and Epigrams, for Sit William Broume's Medals; and also for G. J. Kennedy, of St. John's College, to recite his Exercise for the Parson prize.