2 JULY 1831, Page 12



On the 24th ult. in Grosvenor Square, Lady PORCHESTER, of a son and heir. On the 22nd ult. at Hurdeott House, the Lady Of RICHARD STRACHEY, ESQ. Of Ashwiek Grove, of a daughter.

On the 25th ult. the Countess Noma, of a still-born child.

On the 27th ult. at his house in Tavistock Square, the Lady of TUOMAS COVEN- TRY, Esq. of a son, still-born. On the 26th ult. in St. James's Square, the Lady Lon onisonoun it, of a daughter. On the 24th ult. in St. James's Square, Lilly BARBARA PONSONBY, of a son. On the 25th ult. at Hithe House, Oxfordshire, the Lady LOUISA SLATER, of a daughter. On the 27th ult. in New Norfolk Street, the Lady As u LEY, of a son. On the 29th ult. at No. 9, Park Crescent, the Lady of the Hon. Mr. JUSTICE ALDERSON. Of a son. On the 28th ult. at Fort Pitt, Chatham, the Lady of Dr. CLARK, Principal Medi- cal Officer, of a son.


On the 28th nit. at Walcot Church, Bath, Sir BELLINGHAM REGINALD G &Astor, of Norton Conyers, Bart. to HARRIETT, third daughter of the late Rev. Robert Cottam. On the 7th ult. at Malta, the Earl of Romp.% Lieut. Royal Fusileers, to LOUISA, third daughter of Col. Anderson Morshead, of Widey Court, commanding Royal Engineer, at Malta. On the 95th ult. at St. James's Church, inns WARRENDER, Esq. only brother of the Right Hon. Sir George Warrender, Bart. to the Hon. FRANCES HENRIETTA ARDEN, daughter of the late Lord Air:coley. On the 23rd ith. at Newington, near Ilythe, the Rev. KENNETT CHAMPAIN BAY- Ley, second son of the Honourable BIT. Baron Bayley, to CHARLOTTE, eldest daughter of James Brockman, Esq. ot Beacliboro, in the county of Kent. On the 28th ult. at A nip; hill Church, Davin Pow ELI. jun. Esq. son of David Powell, F.sq of Loughton. Essex, to ELIzAlmTil MARTHA, eldest daughter of Joseph ill rile. Esq. of Anti:IMO House, Bedfordshire. On the 27th tilt. at St. Nary' s Chu, eh.. Bryan:ton Square, the Rev. RALPH BEA- NE as, youngest son of the Very Venerable the Archdeac on Renters, to ELIZA, third daughter of the late Gen. Sir C. Cuyler, Bart. of St. John Lodge, in the county of Herts. On the 2aril tilt. at Delganny, entmly Wicklow, WADE Bo 0 :vies, Esq. of Churchid, Al'orcester,Itire, to ANNE, eirle,t d .us!• t..t. of M r. Sergeant Pennefather. On the :17th tilt. at St. G: ,, dee's, Hal..a-ar tittare, Lieut.-Col. LLuELLVN, C.B.te ELI a A L ETH Aucc A , t:a e,; t ee of the late Lieut-Cen. Raymond. At Atholl Place, Pettit, tl.-e !try. .! Alas To ous oN, Minister of Moneydie, to JANET, eldest daughter it lIn!,trrt Dore MovetiiIY. Hag. writer, Perth. On the 16t1; alt. at Strnan the Rev. Tit oat Slot N E.T, minister of Daviot, to MARV, yOlingest il:Ini.Lter of the late Rev. John Gordon, minister of Cabraelt On the liOth ult. at Kensington, the Rev. CHARLES alfAl'0, LL.D. of Cheam, Sorry, Fellow of St. John's College, Oxford, to MA ItY, eldest daughter of the late Edward Wallwyn Shepheard, Esq.


On the 26th ult, after a few days' illness, at his residence, James Street, Bucking- ham Gate, Col. Sir BA 1.1.11 HAM; uruN, of Olivestob, N.B. formerly of the 3rd Regt. of Foot Gnarls. . On the 23rd ult. in Arlington Street, Piccadilly, Lord ROBERT SPENCER, in his 84th year ; uncle to the Duke of Marlborough. On the 28th ult, at his residence, Cheyne Walk, Chelsea, the Rev. WEEDEN BUTLER, M.A. in his 5911: year. On the 10th ult. 1.'1(mi:rt. N tv, in her 20th year, mid BEY:JAMS NEELY, Esq. Lieut. in the liallymticash Yeomanry, in Ids 231.:1 year, the former at half-past nine A. M., the latter at half past six P. NI., at the house of their father, Benjamin Neely, Esq. principal of the Lisburn Aeiviecny. . On the 28th ult Et; zABETFI Countess of Ermox, eldest daughter of Aubone Surtees. Esq. of Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

On the 28th ult. at his house in Queen Anne Street, Sir FRANCIS JOHN HART- WELL, Bart. On the 25111 ult. at Sunniughill, on her way to Brighton, Pn rid era. BARONESS SUNDERLIN, late of Binfield Park, in the county of Herbs, relict of Richard Lord Sunderlin, of Baronston, Westmeath, Ireland.