2 JULY 1831, Page 16


"WRAP is become of GEORGE ASPULL ?" has been asked again and again, by many who have wondered why one of the most bril- liant stars that ever appeared above the musical horizon should have so entirely disappeared. The question is answered by the announcement of a concert by him next week. As to the reason of his disappearance, it is a very good one. He has been unre- mittingly employed in the study of his arduous art ; and we can say, from our own knowledge, acquired within the past week, that he now reappears with the fruits of learning and experience super- added to the rich endowments with which nature has gifted him. His physical strength, and consequent power of tone, are in- creased ; his imagination has all the youthful brilliancy which used formerly to captivate every listener ; while an approach to manhood has given a deeper tone to the sentiment which breathes through his melody. His mastery of all the hldden powers of harmony is amazing : the most profound combinations and intri- cate figures of Counterpoint appear in his hands the mere lan- guage of nature, and flow from him with as little effort as the simplest melody. GEORGE ASPULL realizes the idea we form of MOZART in his days of youthful prime ; and is destined, we hope, to a career similar, in every respect but its duration, to that of his immortal precursor.