2 JULY 1831, Page 17


must their duels fight, I wish they'd choose a place Worthy in splendid prose to write,

Or tuneful verse to trace : At Waterloo, or Marathon, To die—with glory dubs ; But who'd throw life away upon A spot call'd WORmwOOD SCRUBS ?

Or how could Mr. TENNYSON And CEcies Lord believe, That honours worthy to be won Such names could thence receive ?

One would not wonder there to see

A scratch 'tWiXt STOKES and STUBBS ;

But 0! that Noble and M.P. _ Should fight at WORMWOOD SCRUBS!

There's something in the words " Hyde Park," Which once might be genteel ; And still may lure a silly spark To gunpowder or steel :

But Wwmwood Scrubs !—the name's a blot

To all but vulgar cubs ; I would not let a dog be shot,


Wormwood !—the word bath bitterness To any taste refined ; And Scrubs as aptly may express The refuse of mankind.

Then who, one moment could suspect, That aught, but grovelling grubs, Would in this age of Intellect E'er meet at WORMWOOD SCRUBS?

As to the honour of the thing—

I doubt 'tis "all my eye;" For how can meed so lofty spring From such vile euphony?

No glory Fame itself could give To Jeremiah Jubbs, If he at Gaggle Goose must live, Or die at WORMWOOD SCRUBS.

At Billingsgate, with might and main, The fish-wife fights and swears ; And so may drabs in Drury Lane, Or tars at Wapping Stairs ; But henceforth let it not be said, Except of servile subs, Their brains were lost, or blood was shed, To fatten WORMWOOD SCRUBS!

(Wormwood Scrubs or Scrubbs (for the authorities differ in the spelling) lies on the southern bank of the Paddington Canal ; Gaggle Goose is situated on the road from Bayswater to Turuham Green. These two spots, of which our respected friend so wisely and wittily singeth, areat nearly equal distances from Tyburn, sad communicate with each other by Wood Lane.—En.j