2 JULY 1831, Page 20


THE illustrations of Volume XXVIth of the Waverley Novels, being the first of Nigel, by COOPER and BOXALL, do not call for particular remark. The views in No. XV. of the Landscape Illustrations are very pretty, and nicely engraved. The Frith of Cumberland and Galloway, by COPLEY FIELDING, and Crookstone Casle, by D. ROBERTS, are par- ticularly beautiful. Part II. of the Portraits of the Admirals contains a fine engraving of Blake, after Batons; the Earl of Orford, Lord Torrington, and Sir Samuel Barrington, all excellent ; and a spirited etching of the Battle of the Nile, after AftwALD's picture. Part XXVII. of the National Portrait Gallery gives us a very grave unlikeness of Sir Walter Scott, after a painting by GRAHAM; and the portraits of Lords Lynedoch and. Albemarle, after LAMBENCY. Part VI. of Landseer's Characteristic Sketches of Animals presents us with spirited representations of the Llama,Wapiti, Neelghau, and Wolf, etched in the same masterly style as the former plates, and with the customary vignette embellishments. Part VII. of Coney's Outlines of Cathedrals contains those of Milan and Strasburg; the University of Pavia, and St. Martin's Tower, Land. shut, executed in the bold style of the artist. Of the Magazines, La Belle "Issembke presents us with a beautiful en- graving, by DEAN, of the Marchioness of Stafford, after LAWRENCE. The New Monthly has a very good head of Mr. Thomas Colley Grattan; and Fraser gives us a whole-length sketch of the newly-created Earl of Munster.