2 JULY 1831, Page 20

Three of the great series of national publications have brought

forth during the last week. The Library of Entertaining Knowledge has produced the first volume of Historical Scenes in Paris. That capital has witnessed so many strange and eventful occurrences, that it was impossible not to render the book interesting and enter- taining. LARDNER'S Cabinet Library has added another volume to the Life of George the Fourth. It is written in the same free, un- compromising spirit which distinguished the first volume. The third will complete the work. Roscoa's Novelist's Library num- bers as its second volume an entire work of SMOLLETT, Humphry Clinker, with plates by GEORGE CRUIKSHANK. This series is beautifully got up, is remarkably cheap, and deserves the patronage of the book-buying public. The illustrations by CRUM- SHANK are conceived in a kindred spirit, but do not strike us as possessing the breadth and power of former designs from the same pencil.