2 JULY 1831, Page 9

" Most gracious Sovereign,—We, your Majesty's dutiful subjects, the Archbishop, Bishops,

and Clergy of the province of Canterbury, in convocation assembled, most humbly entreat your Majesty to accept our assurances of sincere affection and loyalty. It has been the wisdom of our sovereigns, and of those more particularly ej your Majesty's illustrious house, to secure to their subjects the inestimable bless- ings of sound doctrine, and the regular ministrations or religion, by affording their spetial protection and countenance to the Established Church. In this faithful at- tention to the charge committed to Christian Kings by Divine Providence, your Majesty has adopted the principles of your ancestors, and acted on their example?... a consideration which, in this season of danger and difficulty, tends Muc'h to out encouragement and comfort. Yet, Sir, we must not conceal that we are not alto- gether free from anxiety. Since last we had the honour of addressing your Majesty, the tranquillity of the country has been partially disturbed by a spirit of violence, which prevailed for a time over the moral restraints essential to the well-being of society, and which, though now providentially quieted, may again be called into action. Among the means of averting such a calamity, your Majesty will unques- tionably look to the professional exertions of the clergy. We trust, Sir, that, taken as a body, with reasonable allowance for human infirmity, we cannot be justly ac- cused of inattention to our sacred duties ; and we humbly venture to promise, that with the blessing of God on our resolutions, no supineness or negligence on our part, no want of moderation, or zeal, or disinterestedness, shall obstruct the success of our pastoral cares and labours. But we humbly represent to your Majesty, that the exertions of the ministers of the church, however assiduous or able, must fail in too many instances of their full effect, whik the truths of Divine Revelation are publicly held up to derision by professed teachers of impiety, and writings, replete with sedition and blasphemy, are extensively circulated, in open defianceof the law. 'We do not object to the fullest discussion of religious subjects, or the freest animadversion on the Church or its ministers, where either may seem in fault. Even when the intention is hostile, the result may be the elucidation of truth, or the removal of blemishes or . defects. But. Sir, no excuse can be offered for a course of proceeding which poisons the morals of the young, and em- boldens the ignorant to scat at their Creator, and reject the instruction which would render them happy in themselves and estimable and useful in 'society. At the same time, we beg leave to assure your Majesty, that in every disadvantage we may have to encounter, we shall find an additional incitement to the diligent use of the means which the mercy of God has placed in our hands, for the benefit of our fellow-creatures. To the mischievous delusions of infidelity and immorality on the one hand, and enthusiasm and superstition on the other,. we Assn persevere 19 op- posing the doctrines and precepts of the Gospel. And while, in humble reliance on aid from above, we inculcate the necessity of personal holiness, and cheerful obedience to the laws, we shall never cease to pray, that your Majesty may long'con- tinue to reign, beloved at home and respected abroad, in peace, prosperity, and honour." . .

The address being finished, his Majesty was pleased to make the fol.

lowing reply— • •

" My Lords, and the rest of the Clergy,—I thank you for your loyal and dutiful address. Deeply sensible of the necessity of insuring to my subjects the blessings of a pure religion, soy constant care will be directed to the support of the Esta- blished Church in all its just rights and privileges. I rely with confidence on the moderation zeal, and disinterestedness of its ministers in the performance of the important duties assigned to them ; and I receive with the highest satisfaction your assurances that, not objecting to the utmost freedom in the discussion of religious subjects which can be fairly required for the elucidation of truth, you will persevere in opposing the doctrines and precepts of the' Gospel to. the delusions of immorality and infidelity on the one hand, and to enthusiasm and superstition on the other. A clue enforcement of the powers of the law shall not be wanting on my part, when- ever it may be required for the protection of the true interests of religion; and to your professional exertions, directed by a just sense Of duty, and by the meek spirit of Christian charity, I trust, under the blessings of Divine Providence. for the defeat of WI attempts which may be made to pervert the feelings of a moral and religious people' or to shake their belief in those holy truths on which their present and their future happiness equally depend."

The members of the Convocation had the honour of kissing hands. The King afterwards held a Levee ; when the following presentations took place.

'rho Bishop of Ferns, by the Earl of Marquis of Lansdowne.

Mr. T. 13. Mortimer, by the Marquis of Lansdowne. Lansdowne. Dr. FiLin, by Lord Dude.

Sir R.Kennetly. on Ids Majesty's perm's. Lord Pahnerston.

sion to accept the Spanish Order of Mr. Grattan, by the Butte of Leinster. Charle the Third. s

Rev. II. Bat ton, Mend,. of Convocation. the Continent, by Geri. Sir J. Doyle. Hon. G. C. Nartoo, on receiving the rank Mr. U. rigor, by he Mar. of Chandos.

Sir El P. Lloyd, M.P., by Lord Anson.

Rev. II. Butterfield, by the Rev. Dr. Waiting.

Mr. Grc.-my, Secretary to the Commis- Munster.

slim loaairy, on hi: return from the Festal) cal.,etc by Vii. Goderich. Earl of Sheffield. Earl of Leitrim n , o boim: appointed a

Briti Peer, hy Earl Grey.

ford, b Ah

y Vis. ltorn. Mr. Lioy Hosts;;, M.P., by Lord Autoll. Re v. W. Cite:, Principal of Ring's Col- c, by the Bishop of I.outhm. Mr. C. Brawn, on being appointed Go- Yernor if Carl,v, Eati of Mayo. Earl of Dii;by. Lo...1 A. Cl, i'alinerston.

shire, Ly Lit Stanley. Lieut. C. Dimuck, by sir .1'. Gralmin.

Lit; ILi ont. C. shaW, hy Sir T. Hardy. Col.brooke, Commissioner

m' retail; from the

E aqerii Colonies, by V is. Goderich. manry, on changing his name.

Mr. Neywool, M.P. fur Lancashire, by Vb=count. Melbourne. Coast of Africa. Mr. Dvaltry, by Admiral the Hon. G. Capt. Westanacott,to take leave.

Major-Gen. Bourke,to take leave on pro- .1. Peachell, Bait. R.N.

Lieut.-Col. L. Stanhope, by the Duke of tiler, the Hon. Col. Onslo,Y.

Leinster. Mr. E. It. Cockerell, by Sir C. Cockerel!. Lieut.-Col. Cuyler, by Lieut.-Gen. Sir J. Hon. and Rev. R. Cust, by Earl Brownlow

Mr. C Lieut.-C. Lane, Lieut.-Gen. Sir

Cameron, Commissioner of inquiry, M by

on his return from the Eastern Colo- Herbert Tay hoc. nies, liy the Earl of Errol. Maj. Abdv, by the Earl of Munster.

Rev. Gew-ge Cookson, Chaplain to the Lieut.-CM. 'Crewman, by Lieut.-Gen. Sir

D. of Sussex, by the Rev. Dr. Blomberg. '1'. Bowser.

Mr. Swinton, of Swinton, Dentity.Lieut. of the County of Berwick, by the Hon. Knight uf the Guelphic Order. Captain A. Maitland. Courtswn. Le Chevalier de Visme, by Sir G. Duckett. The Rev. Lord C. Paula, by the Marquis Mr. E. Johnson, by the E. of Abingdon. of Winchester. Mr. T. B. Mortimer, by the Marquis of

Lit-tit. C. Shaw, R.N., by Sir T. Hardy. Mr. W. Barron. by the D. of Devonshire.

Marg. of licadfort, On Coming to his Rev. T. 11. Siely, his Majesty's Resident ti, le' b he y t Earl of Mayo. Chaplain, on his return to Lisbon, by

sion to accept the Spanish Order of Mr. Grattan, by the Butte of Leinster. Charle the Third. ben. Lord Forbes, by the B. of Gordon. Archdeacon Barnes, by Bp. of London. Lieut.-Col. Law tie, on his return from

of Honourable, by Vis. Melbourne. Mr. F. W. Rutledge, Lieut. ead• Somer-

set Militia, by Mr. Monk, Exon in

Blomberg. Maj. Greville, :38111 Reg. by the Earl o

Mr. F. North, M.P. for Hastings, by the Capt. Paeet, on his appointment to his

Majesty's ship Sainarang.

Hr. K. floskin..:, .M.P., County of Here- Capt. Bitviieby, Hereford Militia, by

Lk:Ia.-COI. Via. Eastuor.

Actin,. Com. C sue', of his Mz-jesty's ship

1/a, ell hit return front the Coast

of Afrieo, by Sir J. Graham.

Cite. II on Lis promotioa, by the Cole, mom Ids appointment to scr- SlictitT or Laura- -vice, by Sir P. Hardy. .

Capt. Pattingtn Worcestershire , Wocestersire Tea-

Capt. A. Gorlen, on his return from the Hairdos. Cap;. .1. Black, R.N., 0.13., by Capt. Sir

ceeding to the Government of New Lieut. Onstoo, on his appointment to

South Wales. the Seats Fusileer Guards, by his fa-

Leinster. Mr. E. It. Cockerell, by Sir C. Cockerel!. Lieut.-Col. Cuyler, by Lieut.-Gen. Sir J. Hon. and Rev. R. Cust, by Earl Brownlow

Lambert, K.C.B. Vic. Al ford, by his fzthi'r.E:;rliirowntoW Mr. C Lieut.-C. Lane, Lieut.-Gen. Sir

Rev. Gew-ge Cookson, Chaplain to the Lieut.-CM. 'Crewman, by Lieut.-Gen. Sir Maj. Wright. on being appointed a

In the evening, there was a musical party at the Palace, at which Paganini performed.

Their Majesties gave a grand state ball on Thursday, which was very numerously attemled. Don Pedro was one of the distinguished guests.