2 JULY 1831, Page 9

There is a strange story in the French journals, of

a meditated attempt by the Duchess DE BERRI to excite a civil war in the country. The facts, so far as they are known, are these—the Duchess has left England, and is proceeding up the Rhine by way of 'Mentz ; she is accompanied by General BOURMONT and four of his sons. It is given out that she means to pass through Switzeriand to Daly. The French journals assert that this is merely a cover to more serious designs ; that she celculates on the differences at pre- sent unhappily existing between the heroes of the Three Days and the Government ; that she is bent on fomenting those diii'erences, with a view of placing her son on the throne ; and even prepared to head an invasion for that purpose. The issue of such a mnd

enterprise will be best estimated by recurring to the h ry isto or a similar attempt in the early period of the fit4 Revolution. The least of the horrors to which it would likely give occasion, would he the murder of the Royalists. We hope the Duchess will be better advised than to make the attempt with which she is charged; or, if she do make it, that she will be captured in the first French village she enters. "The Ministers, it is said, have been very generally successful in the elections, and their party in the approaching Chambers will be strong.