2 JULY 1910, Page 9

The following statement shows the estimated financial

position for the year from of next year:—

April 1st, 1910, to March 31st Actual income .R169,745,000

Arrears of 1909-10


Total income

£199,791,000 Actual expenditure £171,857,000

Deficit on 1909-10 26,248,000

Local taxation arrears 825,000

Total expenditure

£198,930,000 Balance

£861,000 This estimated balance will be disposed of by the sums required for doing away from January 1st next with the pauper disqualification as regards old-age pensions, for a grant to the local authorities to meet last year's deficit for technical education, and for the working margin required by every Chancellor of the Exchequer. We have given in our leading article details of the increases in revenue expected by Mr. Lloyd George.