2 JUNE 1832, Page 11


The Speaker's elevation to the Peerage is now said to be so certain, that the patent only awaits the right honourable gentleman's choice of a title. Harwich and Rochford are said to be the places which dispute the lionour.—Morning Herald.

By the death of Sir William Grant, a saving of 4,0001. per annum is effected. He has been in the receipt of his pension as a retired Master of the Rolls since 1817.

It is rumoured, that during the Ministerial Interregnum, a Circular was prepared (though not sent, in consequence of the reappointment of Ministers) to numbers of half-pay officers, directing them to hold them- selves in readiness for immediate employment ; and that all the pen- sioners capable of serving were to have been called out to duty in gar- risons, &e., in order that the regiments of the Line might be available, if required, to put down the People.—Morning Chronicle.

The bond of a noble Duke, which, with interest due upon it, amounted to 1,750/., was sold last week for 310/. ; another of 7,2001., for IMO/. ; and a third, for 3,I50/., for 7001.—Morning Chronicle.

Sir W. Scott left Rome for Florence, on his way to England, on the 11th May.