2 JUNE 1832, Page 18



The Canadas ; compiled from Documents furnished by John Galt, Esq.; with the Fullest Information for Emigrants. By Andrew Pickeu. With a Map.... li ikon. Manual for Emigrants to America. By Calvin Colton, A.M.... Watley and Davis. Twriow,

Tales and Novels. By Maria Edgeworth. In eighteen volumes. Vol. II. containing

Moral Tales, Vol. I Baldwin and Cradock.


A General and Heraldic Dictionary of the Pecrago and Baronetage of the British Empire. By John Burke, Esq. New Edition Colburn and Bentley. A General and heraldic Dictionary of the Peerages of England, Ireland, and Scot- land, Extinct, Dormant, and in Abeyance. By John Burke, Esq. tEngland.)

Colburn and Bentley