2 JUNE 1832, Page 22



London, 29th May 1832.

SIR-As considerable, and I believe merited consequence has been assigned to the exhibition of alkaline salts in Cholera, I should be obliged would you allow me, through the medium of your pages, to advance a claim for my share of the question. I am not aware that the injection of an alkaline salt, such as chlorate of potassa, into the veins, had ever been proposed by any one before myself. This priority is established by referring to my " Remarks an Hydrophobia," pub- lished two years ago, and with which work, at my desire, Messrs. LONGMAN and Co. supplied the Metropolitan Hospitals ; so that Dr. O'SHAUGIINESSY will find himself anticipated ; and he will also perceive, that my recommenda- tion wasfounded on the same basis on which he has assumed its probable bene- fit, namely, the predominance of colouring-matter in the blood,-which here, as in cholera, is sufficiently remarkable. The efficacy of the plan I had recommended solongago,bas been substantially proved in recent experiments on cholera patients at Leith, by Dr. THOMAS LATTA, and described by Dr. LEWINS as `can admirable remedy." The ex- cess of colouring-matter and diminution of the saline constituents of the blood, are fully corroborated by the combined testimonies of Doctors TuomsoN, REID CLANS v, and O'SHA UGH N ESSV,-features at once remarkableand characteristic. It may suffice-to note, that as soon as cholera had invaded our shores, -I wrote to Dr. REID CLA ENV, of Sunderland : . in that letter, the internal exhibition of chlorate of potassa was, inter alia, especially recommended and the recent communication of Mr. WAKEFIELD to the Times newspaper, proves that I was right, as this very salt forms the most prominent item in the prescription that has proved so eminently successful. About ten weeks ago, I was seized with a very violent attack of common- cholera; and forty drops of laudanum having produced no alleviation of suffer- ing, I took sixty grams of carbonate of soda mixed with a little powdered gulps ; this was.fonowed up by fifteen drops of laudanum and a little brandy; and; shortly afterwards, by twenty grains of chlorate of potassa; which effected ;By couplete.recovery. I have the honour to be, .Sir, 'Your obliged and very obedient humble servant,