2 JUNE 1849, Page 3

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TIM Queen and Prince Albert returned, with their children, from Os- borne to Buckingham Palace, on Wednesday afternoon; all in excellent health.

Her Majesty held a drawingroom, in St. James's Palace, on Thursday afternoon. Count Gustavus Batthyany, Attachd to the Austrian Legation, and Prince Richard Metternich, were presented to her Majesty by the Austrian Minister.

Last night, the Queen gave a concert at Buckingham Palace, to which the members of the Royal Family, the Foreign Princes and distinguished persons in town, and some 370 guests, had invitations.

The Queen and Prince Albert went to the French Opera on Wednesday, and to Her Majesty's Theatre on Thursday. Prince Albert gave the Geological Society the honour of a visit, at Somerset House, on Wednesday. The Dutchess of Kent returned from Osborne on Saturday; and has Visited the Queen Dowager, the Dutchess of Cambridge, and the Dutchess of Gloucester.

The Duke of Cambridge dined on Tuesday with the members of the Nnili Secundus Club, at the Clarendon Hotel. On Wednesday, he went with the Dutchess, and the Hereditary Grand Duke and Dutchess of Mecklenburg-Strelitz and Prince George of Cambridge, to Her Majesty's Theatre.

The Datelines of Gloucester visited the Duke and Dutchess of Cam- bridge and their Royal guests on Tuesday.