2 JUNE 1849, Page 4

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The Bishops-designate of Victoria and Prince Rupert's Land were con- secrated on Tuesday, by the Archbishop of Canterbury, in the Metropoli- tan Cathedral; a great number of Bishops and of the lay aristocracy being present.

The High Sheriff of Warwickshire has proclaimed Thursday the 7th of June as the day of election for the vacant seat for the county. Lord Guernsey is likely to be unopposed.

Meetings; in favour of Parliamentary and financial reform have been held at WalthamatowH Mr. Reuben Dixon in the chair; and Luton,—Mr. C. II. Lattimore, tenant-farmer, and member of the Anti-Corn-law League, in the chair. The Luton meeting was large and influential.

Tbp hops,.which were growing rapidly, have been suddenly attacked by an alarming number of fly, which threaten to completely destroy the plant. There has not been snob a visitation for above twenty years. The wire-worm is also commencing its ravages in some grounds.—Kentish Observer.

Mr. Johnhlichol Lnxmoore, of Lilo Dean of St. Asaph and a student at Caulk idge, has been accidentally killed near Fulbottrne, in the vicinity of the city. lie atid another younk man, Mr. Stuart, were riding on horseback; a race Was rrniNkied and begun; Mr. Stuart suddenly missed his companion, and looking back saw himiying on his back hstbe Mad: his horse 'kerns to have stepped into a rut andsthrown the rider on his head. Mr. Luxmoore died in a few minutes. Thomas Ball, a married man, having died at Nuneaton tinder auspice—Due cir- cumstances, an inquest was held, and a post-mortem examination of the body detected arsenic in rt. It was proved that the wife had bought arsenic; it is said that she was unfaithful; and the couple lived unhappily. A verdict of " Warta murder" was returned against the woman.

Early on Wednesday morning, a savage attack was made upon the guard of the mail-cart which travels between Biggleawade and Ware. In a lonely part of cross-road, two men rushed upon the cart; one stopped the horse, the other knocked the guard from his seat, and then both fell upon him and beat him un- mercifully. Meanwhile, the horse started off, and had nearly reached Barnet when it was stopped: the mail-bags were safe. The guard was found in a disabled corn dition.